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MechTech Design Overview

MechTech Design helps individuals or companies take their vision from a sketch on a napkin to a production ready state. MechTech does this by recreating the sketch into a 3D CAD model. Once the 3D CAD model looks the way the client envisioned, MechTech does the required mechanical design to make sure that the product will work and can be manufactured in a cost efficient way. When the client is satisfied with the mechanical design, MechTech will create the required technical drawings necessary for the client to manufacture and patent their idea. Some additional services that can be provided are high resolution JPEGs of the 3D CAD model and simple animation demonstrating functionality of product.

Service Provided:
With a quick turnaround time at prices affordable to average individuals

  • 3D CAD modeling - Solidworks
  • Mechanical design for manufacturing
  • 2D Technical Drawings
  • Photo Realistic Rendering of CAD model
  • Simple animations showing functionality concept
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